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REVOLVER is an advanced swivel system by Subbies Juice and Patino’s Coil Smithing. Our device attaches opposite your drill and allows you to wrap wire at high speeds without having to worry about keeping your drill centered or your wire twisting up. REVOLVERs innovative design means that after you attach your wire it will automatically center to your drill and during wrapping it will “follow” your core wire as you wrap. Our chambered bearing design means no more dirty exposed bearings which translates into better operation and longevity. The bearing itself is a BONES Swiss Ceramic bearing, the smoothest (and quite frankly the best) bearing on the market. Less twisting and smooth spinning means better coils! Video coming soon!

No more skippy swivels!

  • Original Self-Centering Chambered Bearing Design
  • Unrivaled 3D Printed Construction
  • BONES Swiss Ceramic Bearing
  • Researched, designed, and printed in Brooklyn NY

In the tube:
1 x REVOLVER body
1 x REVOLVER base
1 x REVOLVER center pin
1 x REVOLVER bullet pin
1 x 3/4 "screw
2 x 1/2" screw
3 x #6 washer