Subbies - About

Hi, my name's William and I'm Brooklyn born and raised. 

After 10 years of smoking I was introduced to e-cigarettes. This ignited a passion inside to search for the best blends available. Soon after vaping became an almost obsessive hobby of mine and the search for the finest flavor continued. I haven't touched a conventional cigarette since. 

In 2014 I vowed to do something about my search for flavor; to create high quality consistent blends that everyone can enjoy, to ignite a similar passion in other people, and to help people find their way on their road to being tobacco free. Finally after a long and hard period of research and work I am proud to share Subbies with the world.

I believe if you're going to do something you should do it right or not at all. This is why every blend we offer goes through multiple rounds of revisions, months of mixing and remixing and is allowed the proper amount of steep time to insure that not only does Subbies get better over time but will also be delicious from the moment you receive it. I believe in quality over quantity which is why you'll find a small number of perfected blends rather than a large quantity of mediocre flavors. 

Take this ride with me, share this palate and experience the adventures Subbies has to offer. You won't be disappointed. 

Founder, Subbies